Your sales process is not just about walk-ins. Most sales opportunities today are driven by the phone! -By Jennifer Suzuki. President of e-Dealer Solutions

Training on updated sales processes has become my obsession.  There is a lot of outdated process and word tracks still being used in the dealerships that I was trained on ages ago.
Ask yourself, “Is our sales process working?  Is the sales process relevant to todays buyer?
Today the biggest areas to assess are:
– Phone call guides
– Voicemails
– Texts
– Videos
– Emails
– Chats
Having a long-term follow-up plan for every type of opportunity you are given will help onboard long-lasting sales professionals and set expectations for existing staff.

Let’s face it, you need a process for all of these opportunities:

– Phone Up
– Internet Lead
– Orphan
– Mailer
– Equity
– Conquest
– Lease Retention
– Referral
– Service Appointment
– Bought With High-Interest rate, 12-30 months ago = swap
– Unsold Showroom Traffic
– Declined Credit – 6-12+ months ago
– Did Not Have The Vehicle
– Lost Leads
– Sent OTD – No Response
– Non Responder
Each one of these categories needs a call guide, voicemail, text and email guides for all long-term follow up checkpoints (i.e. Day One, Day Two, Day Three, Day Five – 12 months).  Additionally, incorporating video into the sales process will also require you to organize a video library for sales teams to use in emails and texts (i.e. Dealership, Manufacturer and Sales Team YouTube Channel).  When you have all of the selling tools to provide your sales team, it is then that they can grow in their successes with you.

So, now that you have complied all of these tools, you can update your onboarding training manual.  This will also help set expectations.  You can also refer to this during the interview stage so your prospective new hire understands the scope of work.  Managers now have sales processes to manage, coach and train on.  All salespeople and BDC must know exactly how to get the most from every opportunity and today the sales process is a series of phone calls, voicemails, texts, emails and video follow-ups.
-Jennifer Suzuki, President of e-Dealer Solutions