Your CRM notes will help you showcase a better buying experience!

You just spoke to a customer on the phone and it either led to an appointment or it did not – either way, you need to document all details of the conversation. It’s important to take notes during every phone call as you are engaging the customer so that you can recall every detail and use in future communications. You will encourage and establish trust with every detail done you take and you can use to help expedite every customer visit. By documenting detailed notes, you can share with your team so everyone knows the customer information that has already been collected so a more personalized early manager introduction can take place. Customers will appreciate excellent communications in your dealership when you and others recite information collected during previous contacts. When you make the efforts to recall the customer notes in conversation, you will send a powerful impression that you are focused on a worthwhile buying experience. Customer experience will certainly become a main reason to buy from you when you exercise these actions.
When we call live customers in dealerships, we use a worksheet to take notes on. This way, the notes will get plugged into CRM, you can maintain a solid flow on the call and acquire customer needs assessment. Email Danielle Barrett at and request the worksheet we use in dealerships.
We encourage dealership personnel to categorize notes in a summary area in CRM to ensure the data continuously collected is sorted into categories and easy to find. Here’s what it looks like:
Now you can personalize and customize your contacts by referencing these CRM notes! Your follow up phone calls, voicemails, texts, video follow ups and in person meetings will be far superior when you incorporate CRM notes!
Don’t forget, post sale, you will want to hit that CRM back up and document all the new information you collected during the customer visit so you can stay connected in a more personalized manner! Just think, you are about to blow people’s minds in two years when you maintain follow up and still remember details on this customer because of your excellent note taking! Sales really means customer driven experiences and this is how you do it!