This Is How To Convert More Sales Calls

There’s always an “ah-hah” moment when we present to GM’s and Sales Teams on alternative approaches to handling sales calls. What we tend to see in common, at least 90% of the time, is that all dealership inbound phone call strategy is nearly identical to one another.  Alarmingly, most dealerships follow a very similar approach to sales calls making most salespeople sound very much alike. Why is this relevant you might be thinking? Your greeting is your first impression and sets the stage for how this phone call will go down. Do you want to sound like a traditional car dealership? If not, stay with me.
You are well aware of who today’s buyer is – highly researched, and carries reservations about car dealerships. Many buyers just want to obtain information from you. Here lies the problem. The customer is highly researched and hesitant to carry on with a car salesperson and they want a price. The salesperson knows that if they give the customer an OTD price, payments, etc. it is highly unlikely they will come in and purchase. So, the big dilemma starts with the greeting. I recommend trying something other than, “How can I help you?” This greeting puts you in car salesman mode and allows the customer to lead the call and ask for information.
When you try new ways of getting to the result you aim for you can meet your goals and then some. When you give something new a try, stay with it and give it a really good try even if it doesn’t happen right away. Be prepared to fail and pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and try again!
Try a new greeting this week and see what happens! Right now, I’m using the following greeting:
-“Thank you holding, this is Jennifer and who do I have the pleasure of speaking with?” *Name
-“Nice to meet you and thank you for the call today. So that I can best direct your call, are you calling for Service, Parts or Sales?”  *Sales
-Are you researching both new and pre-owned vehicles?”  *New or Used
What other bands are you considering?
I’m following a phone call introduction strategy that looks like this:
1.Name swap
3.Closed-ended questions
I find that this type of a greeting gets leadership of the phone call and allows the dealership representative an opportunity to showcase professional character and customer service. Ultimately, you are able to carve out opportunity to present value in working with you and your team. You will be able to distinguish yourself amongst competition and earn the right to ask for contact information without being pushy.
A lot to think about and there are many ways to get to where you want to be. Just recognize that making changes to your sales process is not easy. It takes commitment and dedication. When you practice and just put yourself out there, you will find that your success will grow and grow.