State Relevant Value On Your Sales Calls

This week, let’s focus on making each appointment meaningful and respected so that your appointments actually show on time! Present yourself and the dealership experience early on to the prospect by telling them what you will do, who they will meet, and what you will do to prepare in advance for the appointment. Learn more now!
Did you know that the NADA 2016 Dealer Workforce Study reported that millennials accounted for 60% of all new hires in 2015 and the turnover rate among this generation was 52%!? That means only 8% of millennials hired, stay on! e-Dealer Solutions implements proven methods in our training program that will help your entire team, including millennials. Let us help your sales team convert more phone calls and internet leads to showroom opportunities. Not only will you sell more cars, but you will also reduce turnover in your dealership! Call us today for a free demo, 800.625.1590