Leave Voicemail Messages that Get Call Backs

You can increase call backs on your very next voicemail! If you approach voicemail messages with an open-mind and have the will to try something new, you will increase your call backs. While your attitude and energy level cannot be taught your verbiage is equally as important. Bring your “A-Game” on every voicemail even if it requires popping out of your chair, planting a smile on your face and fluctuating your voice and tone. Customers need enough information to put you together and decide that you are a person they WANT to call back!
We all know that phone calls drive appointments versus emails so, the goal is to increase call backs from your messages so you can talk to more customers and set more appointments!  We highly recommend putting in those ear buds and listening to a few of your voicemails. How do you sound? Did you focus on selling you and your appointment process? Did you sell your character as a professional who cares? Why not try these angles versus sounding like a cheap car commercial. Hopefully, your dealership has a call tracking system in place that records all calls and voicemails in the customer record, so evaluating voicemails is easy and time-efficient.
It’s important to recognize what the voicemail intention is. You want your message to be compelling enough so that it encourages a person to call you back! Ask yourself a couple questions as you define the goals and verbiage for these messages. Will a person buy a car from your voicemail? Will “great news”, “incentives and rebates have changed”, “just want to touch base/follow up/check-in” actually increase call-backs? Oddly, when we mystery shop in masses, most messages focus on a vehicle and include these popular word tracks.

Try using these steps to create some new messages:

1. Differentiate yourself and identify purpose for call

It sounds like this, “This is and today I’m making a customer service call.” Or, “This is and I’m in charge of taking care of customer experiences at . It’s important to me that you receive excellent customer service from us here at so I will be taking care of you.”

2. Use details from the last contact

It sounds like this, “I left you a voicemail yesterday and promised a callback today, so I wanted to come through on that promise”.

3. Explain your next step

It sounds like this, “I’m sorry I’ve missed you again and realize it’s summertime and the days get busy. I will go ahead and reschedule this call back to you. Feel free to call or text me at ”
When we mystery shop dealerships in masses, we look at all the data and often see many similarities between dealership representatives and the messages they leave. For one, leaving messages that sound like every other dealership message does not help you separate yourself from competition. When you focus on a vehicle and elements surrounding a vehicle purchase, including wanting them to come in for a test drive, it’s aggressive and off-putting. Try selling yourself and the experience you provide!