Jennifer Suzuki, Keynote Speaker @ SCORE Business Conference

I had the privilege of speaking to a crowd of 500 local business owners on  utilizing a resource of talented business owners as mentors.  Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and presents many challenges when attempting to take your skill sets and prior work experience to a business you create.  You may be really good at what you know:  your product or service.  However, you may need assistance or an expert opinion to further develop skills you may not be so knowledgeable about or even good at!  SCORE has helped me develop a successful company that grows every year.  We have tripled our revenues, tripled our employees and tripled the amount of companies we utilize to further enhance our products and services.  SCORE not only helped me but helps our local business who in turn contribute with taxes paid into cities, states and our nations growth.  The volunteers that make up SCORE are high level CEO’s, business owners, achievers and people who dedicate their time to help people like me succeed.