Increase Appointment Shows By Calling All Set Appointments

Tips from Our Experts

Tip #1 – Call and Confirm Set Appointments Everyday

We suggest calling set appointments at least 24 hours in advance. This will not be necessary for appointments set on same day.

Tip #2 – Update Titles (If you must use one)

Try using different titles that are accurate and feel helpful or experience based. We like using “Team Leader”.

Tip #3 – State Value in Meeting

If you plan to prepare a vehicle, paperwork, schedule other people to be involved, and so forth, alert customer of these actions.

Reduce Turnover

Teach managers to train and coach.
Did you know that according to Forbes Insights, 74% of sales managers say coaching is a sales manager’s most important role? What is your dealership doing to help managers be great trainers and coaches?
Here are some tips:
1. Review daily schedule and identify times in the day that can be dedicated to helping salespeople perform better.

*If time is your complaint on why this task is difficult, assess your day and downsize meetings, as well as time spent checking/responding to emails.

2. Handle “Inbox” after your “To Do List” is achieved.
What would happen if you responded to emails later in the day versus first thing in the morning? Sometimes, more tasks are accumulated before the current ones are tackled thus distracting from important responsibilities like coaching your team.


“17 out of 4002 people prefer the current car buying process, and the rest want significant changes.”

“Two thirds (66 percent) of consumers say that they would be much more likely to buy from a dealership that offers their preferred experience.”

“73 percent report that they are willing to drive farther for a great salesperson, versus 65 percent who are willing to drive to get the lowest price.”

Car Buyer Of The Future 2015 Study

Take Action

Here are some aspects to address as you maintain relevancy in your dealership sales processes.

  • Phone call word tracks and questions in systematic order
  • Phone call process map
  • Provide phone call worksheet/script
  • Highlight examples of how to sell value in you and the buying experience
  • Thank you email template for successful phone call – appointment set and not set

Experience-Based Selling Tips

Conversational Word-Tracks Should Include:
“Timely visit”
“Coordinate schedules”
“My Responsibility is…”
“Prior to visit”
“Update teammates”
“I am Documenting now”
“I’m circling, underlining, and highlighting this right now…”
“I’m saving our conversation now”
“I would like to recap what I heard from you…”

Dealership Disruption

Have you updated your pay plans? Would you ever implement 42-hour work weeks? What about behavior driven incentives instead of sales number driven? Check out some pay plans we have seen dealerships using lately.


Companies We Are Diggin’ On Right Now

We are totally loving DealerRater right now because it is a trusted consumer site that promotes salespeople that understand customer experience. For those people who go the extra mile to help people achieve their new vehicle, this site gives credit where credit is due!
Here’s some helpful tips:

  1. Ask for the review and if it’s OK to follow up on attaining the review.
  2. Allow the customer to go home and write a review that is authentic and deserving.
  3. Take the customers picture in the app. alongside their new car to use on the review – this will make your reviews stand out more.
  4. Text the customer through the app. their new picture.

Online Sales Training

We help salespeople understand how to set appointments and get them to show on time. We believe in helping people succeed and our resources will help any new hire on board effectively with the tools to succeed.
Explore the Online Training System “Selling Cars Through Conversations”


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