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Welcome to eDealer Solutions Online Training Program.

In this course, you will learn how you can make a series of small changes to your sales process so that you can set more appointments, increase the number of appointments shown, and ultimately sell more cars.

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Imagine working in a dealership where every manager had the ability to train and coach!

We did just say that!  It’s actually not that far-fetched when managers know what to do!  But just the thought of training a team is a hard pill to swallow. OK, so let’s get this disruption party started!

This is a simple class that inspires managers to design effective meetings that will avoid burn out and get your sales team excited to come back to the next one!  Todays meetings must be efficient and quick with a teachable moment.  Mic drop.

Here’s what you can expect. We will identify training topics with actions and activities for sales teams to implement so prospecting communications lead to higher conversions.  When managers know how to lead quick and efficient training meetings, their staff will improve skill sets that lead to attaining quicker results in their roles that will improve retention. Now, you can stop banging your head against the wall because behaviors aren’t changing!  

By having a management staff that can train and coach sales teams, your dealership will have a unique advantage that leads to increases in business. During these classes, managers design brief training sessions using our easy to understand process  and implement with an Instructor debrief afterwards to improve behaviors. A little coaching from our Instructor will ensure training becomes fun and engaging!  A dealership can begin developing their own on-boarding training and retention curriculum to use again and again.  


We’re an award-winning education and activity based training company focused on improving dealership showed appointments, sales and management process.

What does that mean for you? We’ll help you and your team close more deals!

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