Are Financing Questions Necessary?

Think about your goals when it comes to phone calls.  You want more showroom traffic, right?
Our company listens to 1000’s of dealership phone calls and has identified that too many salespeople and BDC representatives ask how the customer plans on purchasing their vehicle – cash, lease or finance. We also find that many also push for a credit application when signs of credit issues appear. Once salespeople see a 450 they tend to disqualify this person as a buyer and it essentially, craps them out. Identifying financial terms is not productive in increasing showroom appointments; it actually prevents opportunities. Credit concerns, paying cash or financing has no bearing on setting appointments.  You want people in the dealership even if they need to sort out how they will fund this transaction.
We suggest you avoid this type of conduct on your phone calls.  It can rub people the wrong way.  In todays’ competitive marketplace you want your team representing a solid brand that features high level customer service.
Try assessing your phone calls and identify where the modifications can be made to avoid finance questions.  Now,  train on it and inspect what you expect.