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Jen Suzuki

President and Founder

Jennifer Suzuki is the Founder and President of eDealer Solutions, the first automotive digital sales education company of 19 years. Over 1000 dealerships have used eDS’s customer experience sales approaches to improve showed appointments, sales and management processes. Dealers have seen increases in 30% sales immediately after completing the courses. The NADA Dealer Academy as well as Hyundai Motor Company have adopted eDS processes to enable their dealer partners successes.

As an 8-year NADA Academy Guest Instructor, eDS courses are used in dealer certification and continued education. She is an 8-year NADA Convention speaker and holds a BA in Automotive Marketing and Management from the prestigious Northwood University. Since the age of 18 selling vehicles, she remains a leader in the automotive industry and a thought leader in progressive change. She has a tremendous reputation for delivering relevant sales processes that deliver significant success and profitable actions to convert digital and phone prospects into buyers.

She recently released, “Dealer Talk with Jen Suzuki”, an Automotive Service and Sales podcast on Apple iTunes and Spotify. She can be reached at Jennifer@edealersolution.com or text 954.873.8029.

Danielle Barrett

Vice President of Business Development

Growing up in the automotive industry, Danielle Barrett brings with her over 20 years of knowledge of the automotive business. She began on this career path working at her father’s dealership as a teenager.  Danielle graduated from Northwood University in 1999 with a degree in Automotive Marketing and Management. Upon graduation she joined Penske Automotive Group and for the next eight years continued to rise in ranks from selling cars to management.

Having a passion for customer experiences through dealership sales, Danielle joined training company, e-Dealer Solutions. Over the last nine years she has met every annual company sales goal, and is currently the Vice President of Business Development.


Ashley Gallegos

Account Manager

Hi, I’m Ashley and I’ve been working with eDealer Solutions for four years now!  I am graduating this year with a Master’s degree and received my BA from University of Colorado Boulder. I have two dogs, a snake and a love for the outdoors!

I make sure our clients have weekly meetings set up so we stay connected and are available to help sales teams grow.  I also make sure we are listening to dealerships sales calls each week and provide reports so our clients can get feedback on strengths and opportunities.  By helping our team keep up with our clients, we build partnerships in dealerships sales growth.

Manoli Covino

Social Media Manager

I enjoy developing content for our readers so they can easily recall training processes previously learned at an e-Dealer Solutions course.  Social media can be used to help all of the attendees our company meets and even those who have not yet experienced our classes to encourage constant growth!  When I create social media posts, my intention is to produce helpful and valuable content that readers enjoy!

I am a wife, mother of two amazing daughters, and grandmother of two beautiful baby girls, who made my life complete.